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1965 Sylvie in mod fashion
Fabulous Furga Dolls

This Sylvie was purchased from a ebay seller in the Netherlands !
She has greenish gray eyes that I  suspect have discolored with age from their original bright blue color,she is wearing original outfit from 1965  no# 8602
This doll is in my personal collection.
Below she is shown with a scan of the illistration taken from my Susanna's original box.


 My friends gave me this translation.
Regarding the Italian Description for Mod. 8606 & 8602
{Per le gita* in campagna, la fioritissima**
gonna e fazzoletto in tessuto provenzale
da portare col mod. 8606}

English Translation:

To carry/get one through a campaign, the strongest
skirt and handkerchief in woven provencal***
[shown] with [blouse] mod. 8606.

I would think it would read something more like "To walk through the
countryside, the prettiest floral skirt and kerchief in a woven
provencial print as shown with pink blouse #8606".

Eleonora who is in Italy gave us this description
outfit is actually Campagnola (countryside girl), 'Gita' can be translated with
trip, journey, excursion.