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Sylvie Alta Moda doll
Fabulous Furga Dolls

Meet Sylvie !!
one of the 4 S girls from Furga's Alta Moda series which were produced from 1965 to 1968.




Characteristics of  a Sylvie doll
17" tall
 hands that sweep towards her belly?ballet arms i call them
heart shaped face
small sideglancing eyes
usually blue but sometimes she is found with brown eyes
 platinum Blonde hair parted on the left
pouty almost frowning mouth
small dimple in her chin

Sylvie's original "yarn" eye lashes had been cut,
I wet them then combed them with a clean toothbrush ,pushed them into place with my fingers.
I keep a toothbrush especially for cleaning and working with dolls !!
Great to get into those noses and fingernails of dirty dolls.



Sylvie with a little boy doll made by Furga .
 Looks like her little brother dont you think ?
 Their lip color is exactly the same color ,their eyes are almost the same .
The platinum hair on the boy is very course compared to Slyvie but the same color.
 And wow look at the clothes ,his clothes are most deffinately cut from the same fabric as Sylvies outfit.
ive not been able to id this little boy, if anyone know who he is please email me .
Thanks Becky


Sylvie was in need of restoration


The flange of her arm was torn off and inside her torso .
after concidering what would best hold the 2 pieces togeather I decided to simply sew the flange back onto the arm , using beading thread and a large needle i put several stitches all the way around the arm .
The arm shoulder already had several holes were someoen had tried to keep it pinned on.
Put the arms end in a cup of hot water for a couple minutes and then gently pressed it into the torso hole for the arm.
Once the arm cooled it seem pretty stable.
Glue would have been thick , arm would have most likely popped off if handled if i had used glue.